Outsourcing/PPP Library

Archive of materials available on PPP (private public partnerships) outsourcing and CCT.

The Library is under constant development. If you want to recommend studies and information for inclusion in the Library, please email us the details.

Building Schools for the Future
Advice and technical information regarding Building Schools for the Future programme.

2005-04-26 12:43:01

Contract and Privatisation Failures
Examples of the failures, defaults and financial penalties incurred in outsourced and privatised services.

Evidence from UK, Ireland, other EU countries, Canada, Australia and Developing Countries

2005-04-26 12:54:59

Economic Policy and Offshoring
Analysis of the economic policy implications of procurement, outsourcing and offshoring.

2005-04-26 12:30:48

Employment Impacts
The effect of outsourcing and the procurement and commissioning process on jobs, terms and conditions.

2005-04-26 12:58:26

Equalities and Social Justice Impacts
Studies identifying the effect of outsourcing on equaliities groups.

2005-04-26 13:01:54

PPP Strategic Service-delivery Partnerships
Evidence of the effects of Strategic Service-Delivery Partnerships.

2005-04-26 12:50:47

Private Finance Initiative and Public Private Partnerships
Detailed evidence of the impact of the Private Finance Initiative and Public Private Partnerships.

2005-04-26 12:46:47

Procurement and Commissioning Best Practice
Policy guidance and best practice approach to procurement and commissioning.

2005-04-26 13:09:52

Public Costs and Economic, Social, Health, Environmental, and Sustainable Development Impacts
Evidence of the effects of outsourcing on public finance, assessment of savings claims and identification of other local and regional impacts.

2005-04-26 13:07:01

Return to in-house provision/Insourcing
Services that have been outsourced but return to in-house provision at the end of the contract.

2010-10-22 14:10:05

Sector and Service Specific Studies
Studies which examine the impact of outsourcing in specific sectors or services such as education, health, ICT and housing.

2005-04-26 13:16:22

Shared Services
Studies and strategies of public sector shared services projects.

2007-05-27 15:40:09

Transfers and Externalisation
Studies examining the case against and evidence of the impact of transferring services and functions to arms length companies, trusts and quangos.

2005-04-26 13:13:09

Glossary of terms
A Glossary of Terms including many of the current concepts, phrases and jargon used in the design, planning and provision of public services.

2009-10-28 15:59:05