Public Alternative to the Privatisation of Life

Public Alternative to the Privatisation of Life sets out a radical agenda for decommodification, public ownership and provision, re-municipalisation, reconstructing democracy, radical public management, public investment and strategic action. It explains the drivers of financialisation, marketisation, individualisation and privatisation and sets out a political economy framework of privatisation. It details the corporate extraction of profits, impact on the quality of services, the erosion of democratic accountability and transparency, increased inequalities and the reduced capability of public authorities.

Much of the evidence is from the UK and Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, together with Asia, Africa and Latin America which have experienced significant levels and forms of privatisation, and where financial capital and transational companies ruthlessly acquire privatised assets

1. Privatisation, automation and mega-cities
2. The political economy of privatisation
3. Drivers of new opportunities for capital accumulation
4. Financialising economies and public services
5. Marketisation of public services, climate and nature
6. Individualising marketisation and privatisation
7. Privatisation by sale, stealth and mutation
8. The business of extracting profits from public assets
9. Public infrastructure and PPPs
10. Poor quality of privatised services
11. Privatisation increases inequalities
12. Impact on jobs, pay, pensions and conditions
13. High public cost of privatisation
14. Democratisation for accountability and participation
15. Decommodification, public ownership and provision
16. Radical public management
17. Financing public investment and services
18. Strategic action   
A. Public Service innovation & improvement Plan
  B. Public – Private Structural Differences
  C. Public – Private Structural Differences

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