Economic Policy and Offshoring

Analysis of the economic policy implications of procurement, outsourcing and offshoring.

  • Options Appraisal Opposes Outsourcing and Offshoring of Prescription Pricing Division, NHS Business Services Authority

    ESSU was commissioned by UNISON Northern to prepare a detailed report on a PPD/KPMG proposal to outsource and offshore prescription processing. This comprehensive report examines value for money, risk assessment, insourcing trends, public cost analysis and other issues. A decision to outsource was expected in November 2006 but has been postponed indefinitly following intervention by the Health Minister.

  • Trade, Offshoring of Jobs and Structural Adjustment: The Need for a Policy Response

    Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) of OECD TUAC Discussion Paper on the scale of global offshoring, the need for government strategy for managing global employment change, methods of guaranteeing fundamental Human Rights at Work and effective rules for Multinational Companies.