Building Schools for the Future

Advice and technical information regarding Building Schools for the Future programme.

  • BSF Charter

    A Charter drawn up by Council and Teachers Trade Unions in Tyne and Wear which calls for schools and community organisations to be fully involved in the BSF programme, for BSF to be only a school building programme, and that it should meet local needs and protect local jobs (2004).

  • BSF: Our Schools are Not For Sale: Local Control Threat

    Explains how Building Schools for the Future is a direct threat to local democratic control and to the future of the Local Education Authority (2004).

  • BSF: Our Schools are Not For Sale: What Price New Schools

    Discusses the key strategic decisions which Elected Members and local authorities need to make regarding BSF and academies (2004).

  • BSF – Pathway to Privatisation

    A briefing explaining how Newcastle City Council approached the tendering process for BSF with a series of questions for potential bidders asking whether they would be interested in providing a wider range of educational and council services. It examines the potential consequences of the approach and proposes a way forward.

  • How to Exclude Support Services from BSF and PFI/PPP Projects

    This is a detailed guide on how make the case for the exclusion of support services such as catering, cleaning, repairs and maintenance from Building Schools for the Future projects. It highlights government guidance which permit the exclusion of support services from PFI projects. The methodology is based on HM Treasury Value for Money Guidance and shows how the quantitative and qualitative assessment can be drawn using evidence of the potential impact of exclusion and drawing on the record of private sector facilities management of schools.

  • The Marketisation of Teaching: PFI Journal No 52 April 2006

    The Journal contains an article on the Marketisation of Teaching by Dexter Whitfield, which examines the potential impact of the Building Schools for the Future programme on education.