Sector and Service Specific Studies

Studies which examine the impact of outsourcing in specific sectors or services such as education, health, ICT and housing.

  • Reinventing Government in Britain- The Performance of Next Step Agencies: Implications for the USA

    This report examines the performance, management and accountability of Executive Agencies in Britain and examines the implications of the introduction of such agencies in the USA. Project undertaken for the AFL-CIO. Written and researched by Centre for Public Services (1997).

  • School Meals: Public provision and children’s health

    This publication examines the nature of school meals provision in the East Midlands in relation to children’s health and education, whilst also raising broader issues around the effects of CCT on the service and the staff working within school meals provision. Researched by Centre for Public Services, published by East Midlands UNISON (1997).

  • Taken to the Cleaners

    This report into the effects of the contracting out of cleaning of schools in Lincolnshire County Council was published prior to the current TUPE regulations on staff transfer, however it does draw attention to the dramatic failings of one of the world’s largest cleaning contractors. Researched for East Midlands NUPE and NALGO (now UNISON) (1988).