Return to in-house provision

Services that have been outsourced but return to in-house provision at the end of the contract.

  • Highway services in London Borough of Ealing

    The Council will return to in-house in March 2011 when the Mouchel contract expires. A comprehensive service review identified potential opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings. The review focused on how improvements could be achieved in service quality, cost and customer satisfaction. A cost/benefit analysis concluded that the restructuring proposals “will generate an overall gross saving to the Council of approx £900,000 per year from 2012 rising to £934K in 2014/15. The savings arise purely from being able to deliver the same or better level of service with less staff and not having to pay a profit mark up” The Cabinet agreed to in-source the service. Staff will transfer back to the Council in March into a new staffing structure with 60 posts. Copies of the Cabinet Report and Cabinet Minutes (20 July 2010, see Item 34)

  • Cumbria County Council ends Capita contract

    A strategic service delivery partnership contract for property, finance, highways, human resources and pension administration with Capita has not been renewed. Over 600 staff staff transferred to Capita in February 2001. The Council agreed to a mixture of in-house provision, shared services and joint provision with other authorities.

  • London Borough of Hillingdon to return council housing service in-house

    The Council believes that it is in the council’s and tenants’ best interests (subject to the consultation process with tenants and leaseholders) to take the service back into the council. This will enable savings to be made by eliminating the cost of governance of the ALMO and further improvements to services by closer alignment to the delivery of services and improvement programmes within the council. Copy of the report to cabinet making the case for transfer in-house, Item 6, 24 September 2009, pages 79-86 and a copy of Cabinet Minutes (Item 70).

  • London Borough of Ealing – Council Housing

    In June 2010 Cabinet agreed to instruct officers to:
    1. Stop the procurement of the Integrated Housing Services Contracts, which had been previously authorised by Cabinet on 12th January 2010, with immediate effect.
    2. Carry out a tenant consultation under section 105 of the Housing Act 1985 and also to consult leaseholders including a ‘Test of Opinion’ on a change of management arrangements from management by Ealing Homes (the Council’s ALMO) to direct management by the Council. The majority of those consulted supported the Council’s proposal to bring housing management back in house. The telephone survey found 59% of tenants in support and the postal survey showed 61% support.
    3. Draw up proposals for the return of Housing Services currently delivered by Ealing Homes to direct management by the Council. It is proposed that Ealing Homes Ltd ceases trading with effect from 31 March 2011 and on the same date, it is anticipated that all EH Board members will resign.

    Copy of the June and September reports to Cabinet:

  • Slough BC plans to close ALMO

    The Council voted to close its 7,500-home ALMO and bring the services back in-house in January 2010, pending consultation with tenants. Copy of report to January 2010 Cabinet plus an options appraisal.