Economic Impact of Prisons in Rural Areas: A Review of the Issues, Dexter Whitfield

The South Australian State Government is proposing five PPPs for the future development of the State’s correctional facilities by moving men’s and women’s prisons, a youth training centre and a pre-release centre to Murray Bridge. The Public Service Association commissioned the Australian Institute for Social Research (AISR), University of Adelaide, to identify the indirect and/or hidden social/economic costs associated with the relocations. The European Services Strategy Unit literature review focuses on the economic, social and employment impact of locating prisons in rural areas, drawing particularly on US evidence. In October 2008 the South Australian State Government announced that funding for the new prisons will delayed until 2013-14 because of the current economic climate. A preliminary analysis of direct and indirect costs associated with the relocation of prison facilities to the Murray Bridge district was undertaken by the AISR.