Project to Defend and Improve Local Authority Services and Jobs, Sheffield City Council, 1985/86

We’re Coming Out from under the carpet: Job Satisfaction Cleaners & Caretakers – the results of a job satisfaction survey of school cleaners and caretakers – more quality training, better communications between management and staff, improved equipment and cleaning materials and 35% said women were discriminated against in promotion opportunities (16 pages).

Fight Rate Capping, Privatisation and Cuts: Job Satisfaction Survey Parks & Recreation – the results of a job satisfaction survey in the city council’s Parks and Recreation Department, 73% of frontline workers and 80% of administrative staff wanted more control over their work, greater involvement and better training (16 pages).

Contract on Cleansing briefing – the value of public cleaning, examples of private contractors fines and failures, cleansing job losses in outsourced contracts and the impact on wages and conditions (4 pages).