Public Service Practice

A series of best practice reports on key aspects of public management.

The Public Service Practice Series aims to give advice and guidance to public policy professionals about the progressive implementation of modernisation and other initiatives while retaining a focus on broader issues of social justice, equalities, staff and user involvement and community well being.

A Handbook for Checking Specifications (PSP6)

For contracts and service level agreements (May 1995 – 40 pages). Covers specification strategy and performance standards, Quality Plan, method statements, equal opportunities, environmental policy, monitoring performance, contract conditions and quantifying the work.

Best Value Implementation Handbookk (PSP8) Not Available

A guide to implementing Best Value, incorporating the Best Value Code for Quality Employment (November 1998). Contents: Best Value strategic management framework. Corporate policies, strategic objectives and definition of Best Value. Performance standards, indicators and benchmarking. User, employee and public involvement. Best Value Code for Quality Employment. Implementation plan. Baseline profile. Service reviews and competitiveness policy. Local Performance Plan for continuous improvement.

2004-03-17 10:30:44

A detailed handbook for equal opportunities in competitive tendering. Not Available
Contents: Legislative context. Who should be involved. Building equalities into the key stages of the tendering process. Implementing equalities in Direct Service Organisations. Trade union guidance.

2004-03-17 12:43:25

Management Consultants: A Best Value Handbook (PSP9)

A practical guide for local authorities, health and public bodies, trade unions and community organisations (December 1999). Assessing the need for consultants. Best Value selection and evaluation of consultants. Negotiating model agreements. Trade union options and strategies. Guidance for community organisations. Consultants in Best Value and PPP projects. Assessing consultants proposals. The consultancy market. Appendices: Company profiles. Codes of practice and professional conduct.

2004-03-17 09:59:44

Public Services and Business Plans (PSP5)

A detailed handbook for developing public service planning (February 1993). Planning the future of public services. Designing plans for the public sector. Planning and the ‘internal market’. Organising the planning process. Useful planning techniques. Preparing a public service plan. Presenting and using the plan.

2004-03-17 12:29:15

Strategy for Best Value

Guidance for developing Best Value Strategies (October 1997). Contents: Government Proposals. A seven part definition of Best Value. How should Best Value be assessed? Which services will it cover? Employee and user involvement. Achieving social justice through Best Value Re-organising in-house services. Examining market testing options. Corporate policies. New opportunities for DSOs. Public management and Best Value. Resource issues.

2004-03-17 14:02:38

Tender Evaluation (PSP1)

A detailed handbook for Tender Evaluation in white collar, professional and manual services (March 1994 – 78 pages). Contents: Preparing for tender evaluation. Trade union and user role in tender evaluation. Balancing quality and price. Compliance with specification and contract conditions. Technical and quality assessment. Evaluation matrix. Environment assessment. Financial assessment. TUPE policy. Contract decision. Technical and quality assessment. Best Practice: Accounting for all the costs and benefits.

2004-03-17 13:36:36

User/Employee Involvement in Best Value, PFI and Partnerships (PSP7) Not Available

A handbook for local authorities, health and other public bodies, user and community organisations and trade unions (April 1998). Covered ppolicy changes affecting user/employee involvement, defining the user/employee relationship, user/employee involvement in assessing Best Value and continuous improvement, trade unions and user organisations working together, equal opportunities and social justice best practice, user involvement and participation techniques and a public service quality framework.

2004-03-17 10:59:46