Public Services or Corporate Welfare – Rethinking the Nation State in the Global Economy by Dexter Whitfield

A comprehensive analysis of key issues confronting public services and the welfare state in the global economy. Provides a radical analysis of modernisation including partnerships, private finance and Best Value; analyses how the state facilitates globalisation by promoting private finance and the marketisation of public services; exposes how the Third Way masks the continuity of neoliberalism; demonstrates how the World Trade Organisation is committed to privatising public services and welfare states; charts the emergence of a Corporate–Welfare Complex; promotes a revitalised role for the state in a new system of global governance, stressing the importance of sustaining and improving the welfare state; advocates a dynamic new model of public service management placing priority on innovation, equality and investment as an alternative to the reinvention and performance management models. ISBN 0-7453-0856-2 Pluto Press, London, 2001 314 pages.

Patrick Ainley, University of Greenwich: Education and Social Justice 3.2, 2001 – “Dexter Whitfield’s book is essential reading for all public sector workers….”

Colin Leys, Red Pepper, April 2001 – “The great value of Whitfield’s book is that it also traces the logic of globalisation in the ongoing transformation of the state today, and not least the continuing privatisation, in one form or another, of more and more of the services it used to provide.”

Sanjiv Sachdev, Kingston Business School. Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research 2/02 “…a clear, powerfully argued, provocative work that is extremely useful to anyone seeking to counter the alleged superiority of private-sector delivery of public services.”

Andy Wynne, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – “…provides further argument for the need for a new model of public service management that places priority on innovation, equality and investment”