The road to an equitable and sustainable economy

Dexter Whitfield exposes the perils of privatisation underlined by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Firstly, new economic strategies combining Green and Integrated Public Healthcare System Deals. Decarbonisation of energy must run parallel with the decommodification of public services and the de-commercialisation of nature and biodiversity. They must be aligned with democratisation and participation and political, economic, social and environmental equality and justice.

Secondly, to provide evidence of how the renewable energy sector is increasingly owned and operated by private equity funds, fossil fuel energy and oil companies and smaller renewable energy companies. Further rapid expansion of the sector and achievement of 100% decarbonisation could create a private sector monolith, largely reflecting the fossil fuel industry’s corporate ownership. Thus public ownership of renewable energy generation and distribution is critical.

Thirdly, to stress the importance of achieving a fundamental change in the security, terms and conditions, training and quality of employment and in local participation in supply chains.

Fourthly, to emphasise how equality, social and environmental justice, and the elimination of discrimination, must be at the core of all policies. This must transcend all sections of the economy and be a core element of radical public management.

Finally, to identify some key organising and action strategies that trade unions, community and civil society organisations must develop to achieve effective and sustainable Green and Integrated Public Healthcare System deals.

Read the full article in The Chartist magazine, 1 October 2020