The Welfare State

The Welfare State: Privatisation, Deregulation and Commercialisation of Public Services: Alternative Strategies for the 1990s Dexter Whitfield, Pluto Press, London, 1992. Out of Print.

Includes the need for public services, demands of a capitalist economy, the political economy of privatisation, deregulation and commercialisation, new forms of control, the need for new strategies, controls on capital and organising and action strategies.

Michael Barratt Brown, European Labour Forum, 1993 – “Dexter Whitfield has pulled off a major success with this book, which will make a fitting and commensurate tombstone for the Thatcher years.”

Local Government Policy Making, Vol20, No. 3, December 1993 – “Few people could have dealt so comprehensively with the far-reaching changes which have been taking place in the field of public provision.”

Public Services International, PSI-INFO 3/1992 –¬†“‘The Welfare State’ is ¬†detailed and extremely well researched analysis of one of the greatest confidence tricks ever engineered by a government.”

Tony Jeffs, Youth and Policy, The Journal of Critical Analysis – “…does not feel obliged to seek out the spurious tightrope of objectivity. Instead he offers an unrestrained attack upon the privatisation of public assets and welfare services. This is both a work of reference and a guide to action.”