Health and social care

  • Chinese translation of New Health & Social Care Economy summary

    The Chinese translation of the summary report of The New Health and Social Care Economy study of Sefton MBC, Liverpool and Greater Manchester City Regions and the North West regional economy. Thanks to Prof. Li Bing, Beijing.

  • The New Health and Social Care Economy – Dexter Whitfield

    This ground-breaking report puts the health and social care sector at the centre of importance to achieve sustainable economic growth. Commissioned by New Directions, the definitive analysis covers Sefton MBC, Liverpool and Greater Manchester City Regions and the North West regional economy. It demonstrates the economic importance of the health and social care economy; sets out the terrain on which the integration of health and social care must take place including privatisation, inequalities, austerity, demographic change and quality jobs; and makes local and national 40 recommendations.


  • Health and Social Care and Sustainable Development in the East of England

    This major study quantifies the impact of the Health and Social Care system on the economy, labour market, social inclusion and the environment in the East of England. It includes sections on defining Sustainable Development; health inequalities; health and social care employment in the East of England; procurement of goods and services; planned growth, regional strategies and sustainability; opportunities, barriers and challenges to sustainable development in health and social care. The study was commissioned by the East of England Public Health Group, the Department of Health and the Health Development Agency, together with regional partners such as the East of England Development Agency, East of England Regional Assembly, Norfolk Suffolk and Cambridge Workforce Development Confederation, Environment Agency and Strategic Health Authorities in the region. The project also included widespread consultation with a range of stakeholders and partners across the region.

  • Options Appraisal Opposes Outsourcing and Offshoring of Prescription Pricing Division, NHS Business Services Authority

    ESSU was commissioned by UNISON Northern to prepare a detailed report on a PPD/KPMG proposal to outsource and offshore prescription processing. This comprehensive report examines value for money, risk assessment, insourcing trends, public cost analysis and other issues. A decision to outsource was postponed indefinitely in November 2006 following intervention by the Health Minister.

  • Does Excelcare really?

    Essex County Council sold it’s ten remaining care homes in 2005 to Excelcare Holdings Plc. Staff were assured that TUPE would protect terms and conditions and would last “indefinitely”. Less than two months later, Excelcare demanded changes in rotas and working hours, followed by radical changes to terms and conditions which included a reduction in pay rates and earnings. The report examines the procurement process and homes transfer, economics of the Essex contract and the Excelcare company strategy (Excelcare operate the homes as ten separate companies, the parent company is registered in Jersey, a tax haven), the impact on residential care and staff, draws lessons for procurement, care standards, inspection and scrutiny. Commissioned by Essex County UNISON. In 2010, 115 workers received nearly £1m compensation for unlawful dismissal - see second pdf file.

  • The Health and Social Care Economy in the North West

    The NWRA's contribution to the North West Investment Plan for Health, this report is a comprehensive analysis of the health and social care economy. It shows how health and social care accounts for 7.3% of GDP and directly and indirectly supports 14.8% of employment in the region's economy (2003).


  • Caring for People, Not Making Markets

    A response to Durham County Council plans for Phase 2 of Investing in Modern Services for Older People by Durham County UNISON The report examines the limits of expanding the social care market in the County, the impact of further homes closures and analyses the options. The County Council voted narrowly to stop further closures following a UNISON and community campaign.

  • Good Hope Hospital and the Health Care Market

    A critical commentary on the main proposals in, and potential consequences of, the Foundation Development Plan. In addition, it provides an overview of the government’s markestisation strategy for the NHS which will impose new financial and operational difficulties, risks and costs for the Good Hope Hospital. Commissioned by Patient and Public Involvement Forum, East Birmingham (March 2006).