Equalities, Impact Assessment and Evaluation

Reports covering equalities, impact assessment and evaluation studies. Also see reports in Public Costs and Economic, Social, Health, Environmental, and Sustainable Development Impacts section of the Outsourcing and PPP Library.

  • The Case for a Positive Public Duty on Age Equality

    This report examines the operation and impact of existing public duties in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the UK Duty on Race, specifically in light of the desirability or otherwise of a Public Duty for Age Equality either as part of a Single Equalities Act or a separate piece of legislation. It also seeks to develop an understanding of the lessons for drawing up such a Duty in light of the experience of existing Duties. (2004)

  • Promoting Gender Equality in the Public Sector

    Public authorities in Britain now have a statutory duty to promote racial equality but there is no similar public duty on gender equality. This report, for the Equal Opportunities Commission, reviews the evidence in support of a public duty on gender. EOC Research and Working Paper Series: Working Paper No.2, Autumn 2002 ISBN 1 84206 034 1