Regional and City Economies

  • Economic and Social Audit of the North West Region

    The final report of a three-year scrutiny of regional performance for the North West Regional Review, published by the North West Regional Assembly. The report examines progress in eleven targets – sustainable economic performance, investment, employment, skills, productivity, innovation, enterprise, urban, rural, regeneration and physical development. It examines progress towards social justice in the North West, assesses the impact of external opportunities and challenges to regional performance and recommends a new approach to assessing regional performance (2005).

  • Our City is NOT FOR SALE

    A guide to the impact of national, european and global policies on Newcastle (September 2002). The Council's track record and current position. Regeneration and Going for Growth - new privatised communities? Consultants move in on Newcastle. The corporatisation of the city: the challenge to democratic accountability annd local control. The implications of privatisation and marketisation of public services. The European and global context. An alternative modernisation strategy for Newcastle and nationally. Labour Group Resolution, 15 October 2001. This 56 A5 booklet sets out the impact of national, European and global policies on Newcastle. The conclusions and findings of this report, demonstrating the impact of privatisation, marketisation and commercialisation on Newcastle, are relevant for all UK and European cities. Researched and written by the Centre for Public Services for Newcastle City Council Trade Unions.

  • Appraisal of Unitary Options in Bedfordshire

    This report assesses the two unitary options for Bedfordshire – a unitary county and two unitary councils consisting of Bedford and Central Bedfordshire (combining Mid and South Bedfordshire District Councils). It is critical of all of the proposals and finds serious flaws in the Government’s option appraisal process, particularly the absence of an enhanced two-tier developmental option and the narrow assessment criteria. Commissioned by 4 UNISON branches in Bedfordshire and submitted to DCLG.

  • Health and Social Care Economy in the North West

    The NWRA's contribution to the North West Investment Plan for Health, this report is a comprehensive analysis of the health and social care economy. It shows how health and social care accounts for 7.3% of GDP and directly and indirectly supports 14.8% of employment in the region's economy (2003).

  • Secret Services

    A handbook for investigating local quangos for the Local Government Information Unit which included setting the context, why monitor quangos? how to investigate quangos and information profiles.

  • The North West Relocation Project

    The NWRA Submission to the Public Sector Relocation Project (“The Lyons Review”) which included sections on meaningful relocation, decentralisation improves delivery, decentralisation tackles regional disparities, towards a spatial strategy for modern, effective and democratic government, the case for the North West and why it should have additional central government employment in the region, the potential impact on the region, lessons and conclusions from previous relocations, decentralisation in Britain and Ireland and a spatial structure for governance in the 21st century (September 2003).