The Flawed Options Appraisal and Outline Business Case for a Strategic Service-Delivery Partnersip in Somerset County Council

A detailed analysis prepared for Somerset County UNISON concluded:

In the preparation for a Strategic Service-delivery Partnership the County Council has:

  1. Failed to establish the business need for the project.
  2. Failed to fully examine all the options – management seem intent on achieving a Strategic Service-delivery Partnership irrespective of whether this is the best option or not.
  3. Based their approach on an over-optimistic view of the benefits of a Strategic Service-delivery Partnership.
  4. Failed to fully assess the employment and economic consequences of the project for the local and sub-regional economy.

The Outline Business Case is fundamentally flawed for the following reasons:

  • It does not fully assess current performance to identify strengths and weaknesses to ensure a Strategic Service-delivery Partnership is properly designed and targeted.
  • It does not establish a business need for a Strategic Service-delivery Partnership.
  • The financial case is not proven.
  • The evaluation of options is not transparent and is biased against the insourcing and public-public collaboration options.
  • It displays a lack of understanding of the economics of Strategic Service-delivery Partnerships.
  • The high level of risk is not identified.
  • There has been inadequate research into Strategic Service-delivery Partnerships and those local authorities which successfully adopted an insourcing option