Outsourcing, Cuts, Job Losses & New Operating Model: Adult Social Care in Barnet

Analysis of planned new operating model for Adult Social Care in London Borough of Barnet in parallel with £18.5m cuts over 4 years. Model relies heavily on volunteers and asserts that community and voluntary organisations will be ‘equal partners’. Barnet UNISON makes a series of proposals to radically change the Council’s and its consultants approach and planned outsourcing.

Second Report – An improved and innovative in-house service: Adult Social Care in Barnet

A response to an update of Barnet Council’s for Adult Social Care since November 2015. The Council has shortlisted three options for Adult Social Care – a reformed in-house service, a service shared with the NHS and a public service mutual. The options of outsourcing or transfer of the services to The Barnet Group, the Council’s Local Authority Trading Company, have been rejected.