Transformation Strategies

Analysis of public sector reform strategies – One Barnet Critique; Costs and Consequences of Commissioning; One Barnet: The Wrong Approach to Transformation; Future Shape Programme.

  • Barnet Trade Union Strategy

    Sets out objectives and outlines strategies to advance alternative policies and best practice, build external and  internal pressure on the Council together with a Branch communications strategy. Draws on lessons from experience in similar campaigns elsewhere.

  • The easyCouncil model

    The 'easyCouncil' label was a media description of Barnet Council's transformation strategy. However, applying this model to the delivery of public services is flawed for several reasons and is part of a ‘dumbing down’ of public services and an attempt to reduce people’s expectations whilst simultaneously increasing anticipation that new and/or higher charges for services should be expected.

  • Costs and Consequences of Commissioning Council

    UNISON has called on the London Borough of Barnet to immediately abandon its plan to become a Commissioning Council. The report by the European Services Strategy Unit (ESSU) documents the fundamental weaknesses in each stage of the procurement process for two large strategic partnerships of up to £1billion value and nearly 1,000 staff. The report documents the Council’s commissioning of two large strategic partnership contracts, assesses the Council’s reorganisation to become a Commissioning Council and examines the impact of this model for service users, elected members, staff and community and voluntary organisations. The Costs and Consequences of a One Barnet Commissioning Council study also revealed a systemic failure in contract management in Adult Services and proposes an alternative strategy (June 2012).

  • Barnet: Future Shape of the Council Briefings

    The London Borough of Barnet commenced the Future Shape of the Council project in May 2008 to review the organisation of the Council, challenges and changing demands on the capacity of the Council.

    The European Services Strategy Unit (ESSU) has been commissioned by Barnet UNISON to provide research and critical analysis for the Branch in the consultation process. The work will include a series of Briefings which can be downloaded here. The first six are: Assessment of Strategic Hub Proposals, Public Service Principles and Values, Employment Charter, Scope of Contract Reviews, Service Transformation and The 'Shrinking by Outsourcing Models: Implications for Staff.

    Briefing No 1: Assessment of Strategic Hub Proposals
    Briefing No 2: Public Service Principles and Values
    Briefing No 3: Employment Charter
    Briefing No. 4: Scope of Contract Reviews
    Briefing No. 5: Service Transformation
    Briefing No. 6: The ‘shrinking by outsourcing’ models: Implications for Staff
    Briefing No 7: The impact and performance of management buyouts, social enterprises and mutual models
    Barnet Briefing No 8: One Barnet Programme: Hendon Cemetery and Crematoria – UNISON supports capital investment but not outsourcing
    Barnet Briefing No. 9: One Barnet Programme: Greenwich Leisure contract to be reviewed

  • One Barnet Critique

    An analysis of the One Barnet Framework report to Cabinet (29 November 2010) highlighting the disingenuous language, short cutting business practice, the high of cost consultants and how the Council is distorting savings figures (November, 2010).

  • Failure to Assess Options for Future Shape of the Council

    A critique of the London Borough of Barnet proposals to radically change the responsibilities, role and functions of the Council for UNISON, GMB, NUT and NASUWT. It shows how the Council has failed to undertake options appraisal of proposals to create a Joint Venture Company and service delivery vehicles for all public services in the borough. It would create a new contract bureaucracy which would undermine the council’s successful city suburb plans; threaten jobs, terms and conditions and pensions; and is based on a flawed approach to achieve value for money (December 2008).

  • Future Shape of the Council: Comments on Phase 2 Cabinet and Interim Reports

    Barnet Council's Future Shape programme has concluded that a single ‘vehicle’ for the delivery of all Council service was is not feasible. The Council now plans a three-stage process of consolidation, commissioning and provision under a ‘one Barnet public sector’ approach. This report is the joint trade union response to the second phase two Future Shape report to Cabinet on 6 July 2009.

  • One Barnet: The Wrong Approach to Transformation

    A highly critical overview of the London Borough of Barnet’s outsourcing and privatisation transformation programme. Identifies the risks and failures in the preparation for procurement. A second report examines the One Barnet Framework showing how it uses disingenuous language to conceal the Council’s real agenda and distorts estimated transformation ‘savings’ (November, 2010).

  • Cardiff Council’s Transformation Strategy: An assessment and the case for a new approach to Public Service Reform

    Examines Cardiff Council’s transformation ‘insourcing’ strategy consisting of four major strategic partnerships with the private sector. The assessment, commissioned by Cardiff UNISON, examines service driven verses ‘customer centric service delivery’, the lack of citizen and community involvement and the problems of top-down budget dominated transformation. It proposes an alternative transformation strategy that is substantive and sustainable, protects and improves the quality of service, achieves a better balance between transformational change and budget objectives, involves staff and trade unions in the transformation process and protects the quality of employment. The TATA Contract Strategy report outlines a strategy to try to minimise the use of the TATA contract and to ensure that the Council, services, staff and the local economy gain the maximum benefit, if or when, the contract is implemented.

  • Barnet 10-point Plan

    A viable alternative to the Councils current outsourcing plan to award large long-term strategic partnership contracts for Development and Regulatory Services and New Support and Customer Services Organisation in late 2012 and early 2013.

  • FAQ of Barnet Council's Future Shape

    Fifteen questions and answers about Barnet Council's Future Shape project, revealing alternatives, impacts and what this transformation programme is really about (July 2010).

  • Future Shape Questions

    A series of questions directed at the Council on options appraisal, democratic governance, opportunities for innovation, employment, evidence based policy and the evaluation process and criteria (June 2010).