Critical analysis of options appraisals

Barnet Education & Skills and Catering: Analysis of Options Appraisal
The options ‘appraisal’ recommends a Joint Venture Company (Capita is the Council’s main contractor and withdrew from managing the procurement so that it could bid). But the appraisal is based almost entirely on assumptions, estimates, possibilities and other vagaries. This report shows how the in-house bid was constructively dismissed by ignoring key risks, simplistic evaluation and unsubstantiated growth forecasts for the JVC model.
2015-01-10 10:47:46
Commercialising Dorset’s Adult Social Care Services: Critical analysis of the proposed Local Authority Trading Company for Dorset County UNISON
Shows how Adult Social Care Services Options Appraisal is seriously flawed. A series of charts on quality, cost, governance, finance and acceptability to stakeholders illustrate how the in-house option and the interests of services users and staff are marginalised by the intent to create a commercialised trading company. It is not a genuine appraisal of options and appears to have been commissioned with a pre-determined outcome. Dorset CC used the same consultants as Barnet Council for its LATC, now in financial crisis with staff on strike.
2014-09-18 14:14:30
Commercialising Education and Skills: Future Delivery of Services to Schools
The London Borough of Barnet has commenced a new wave of outsourcing commencing with education and skills services to schools. This analysis of the Councils options appraisal for Barnet UNISON exposes how commercial values and market ideology have been used to reject an in-house option. It is highly probable that the sector will perceive that Capita’s two large contracts with Barnet Council give it an unfair advantage. It could lead to the Council failing to obtain value for money and Capita charging premium contract rates.
2014-09-13 09:22:34
Critique of Options Appraisal for Adult Social Care In-House Services
The Adult Services option appraisal is limited in scope and depth of analysis and does not provide an acceptable evidence base on which to make fundamental decisions about the future provision of the services. The critique concluded that the options appraisal process is operating to a predetermined agenda, it is not comprehensive, nor in sufficient detail to examine the impact and consequences of the options (August, 2010).
2014-09-22 13:43:30
CSO/NSO Options Appraisal: Trade Union Response
A critical assessment of the options appraisal which recommends the outsourcing of a new Customer Services Organisation (centralising all user access with the Council) and a New Support Organisation (finance, human resources, revenue & benefits, IT, procurement and property). Identifies eleven key risks if the Council proceeds with a strategic partnership (February, 2011).
2014-09-13 17:37:33
Draft Protocol: Service Review, Options Appraisal and Procurement between London Borough of Barnet and UNISON, GMB, NUT and NASUWT
Covers general principles and policy background, engagement in service reviews and options appraisals, access to information and workforce issues (January 2010).
2014-09-13 10:54:24
Easy-Council ‘no frills’ Planning Privatisation report exposed
The London Borough of Barnet Council commissioned Impower/Agilysis to deliver an options appraisal for the future provision of Planning, Building Control, Environmental Health, Trading Standards and other Regulatory Services. They recommended “The market option most likely to deliver the improvement and price changes needed is a strategic partnership with the private sector.” They also recommended expanding the Development and Public Health Services Project to include Regeneration, Highways and Transport Planning. Barnet UNISON commissioned this detailed critique of the consultants report which concluded that the options appraisal contained many sweeping assumptions, lacked empirical evidence and market analysis and failed to meet even the basic scope and quality standards expected of an appraisal.
2014-09-13 16:49:36
Future of Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium: Implications for Future Shape
A response to the Council's proposal for Future Shape 'quick win' to commence procurement of a partnership for Cemeteries and crematoria, based on a options appraisal undertaken by a Capita subsidiary. The report demonstrated that the options appraisal had serious flaws. The proposal was withdrawn at Cabinet and a new options appraisal process launched to include an in-house option and consultation with trade unions (April 2009).
2014-09-13 09:47:33
The Economic Case for In-House Options and Bids
Sets out a 12 point economic case for in-house options and bids. Prepared for Barnet UNISON where the Council is refusing to consider even in-house options as part of its Future Shape programme (2010).
2014-09-14 05:49:52
The Future of Barnet Libraries
The London Borough of Barnet has produced three options for the future of the library service - none include in-house provision. Deep cuts, heavy reliance on volunteering and an 'open library' project bring new risks and consequences for the service, users and staff.
2014-11-04 14:09:51


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