Links to Barnet UNISON Reports 2008-2018

A unique collection of reports and briefings produced by European Services Strategy Unit with Barnet UNISON between 2008-2018 in opposition to Barnet Council’s plan for mass outsourcing. Completion of the plan has finally been thwarted by the in-house retention of four important services. Click on any of the titles to download reports.

Briefing No 1: Assessment of Strategic Hub Proposals, September
Briefing No 2:
Public Service Principles and Values, September
Briefing No 3
: Employment Charter, September
Briefing No 4: Scope of Contract Reviews, September
Briefing No 5: Service Transformation, September
Briefing No 6: The ‘shrinking by outsourcing’ models – implications for staff, September
Failure to Assess Options for Future Shape of the Council, November
Future Shape of the Council: The Flaws in Barnet’s Commissioning and Procurement Policy, December

Future of Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium: Implications for Future Shape, April
Future Shape of the Council: Comments on Phase 2 Cabinet and Interim Reports, July
Draft Corporate Procurement Strategy for the London Borough of Barnet, October

Draft Protocol: Service Review, Options Appraisal & Procurement, January
Good Practice Transformation Toolkit, March
Briefing No 7: The impact and performance of management buyouts, social enterprises and mutual models, March
Future Shape Questions, June
Frequently Asked Questions about Barnet’s Council’s Future Shape, July
The Economic Case for In-House Options and Bids, July
Critique of Barnet Council’s Options Appraisal of Adult Social Care In-House Provider Services, August, (transfer of Learning and Physical Disability Services to YCB)
Barnet Trade Union Strategy, August
Critique of the Development and Public Health Services Options Appraisal, November
One Barnet Critique, November 
Barnet UNISON Briefing: The easyCouncil model, November
One Barnet: The Wrong Approach to Transformation, November

CSO/NSO Options Appraisal: Trade Union Response, March
Analysis of Development and Regulatory Services Business Case, March, (RE contract)
Barnet Competitive Dialogue Protocol, May
Analysis of Business Case for Local Authority Trading Company: Future of Adults Social Services In-House Provider Services Project, May
Analysis of Business Case: New Support & Customer Services Project, June, (CSG contract)
Briefing No 8: One Barnet programme: Hendon Cemetery and Crematoria – UNISON supports capital investment but not outsourcing, September
Briefing No 9: One Barnet Programme: Greenwich Leisure contract to be reviewed, November

Proposed Transfer of the Housing Service to Barnet Homes and the Barnet Group, January.
Local Authority Trading Company (LATC) Business Case for Adult and Housing Services, January
Assessment of the Customer Services and New Support Services Business Case Update, February
Why a ‘thin client’ is a bad policy, September
Briefing: Failures, delays and soaring cost of Barnet’s Council’s Street lighting PFI Contract, September
Barnet UNISON Briefing: 25% failure rate of strategic partnership contracts, October
Barnet 10-point Plan, November
Costs and consequences of a One Barnet Commissioning Council: Analysis of the London Borough of Barnet’s reorganisation proposals & commissioning practice, December
The way out of financial crisis: Analysis of Consultation Paper, Your Choice Barnet Limited, July, (CADDSS report)

The Future of Barnet Libraries: Key issues for options consultation, October
Education & Skills and Catering: Update Report for UNISON Members, December

Education & Skills and Catering: Analysis of Options Appraisal, January,
Education & Skills and Catering: Threat of large-scale subcontracting, June
Barnet’s Future Library Service: Library Review No 2, October
Outsourcing, Cuts, Job Losses & New Operating Model: Adult Social Care in Barnet, November
Catering Services: ‘Jewel in the Crown’ – Privatisation of Education & Skills and Catering in Barnet, November

Direct and Collateral Damage to the Future of Barnet Libraries, March
An Improved and innovative in-house service: Adult Social care in Barnet, March
In-House service rejected? Options for the future of Street Scene in Barnet, September
In-house service, the way forward: Adult Social Care in Barnet, September

‘Future Shape’, ‘easyCouncil’, ‘One Barnet’ = Failure: How the London Borough of Barnet was stopped from becoming become the capital of outsourcing and privatisation, April

Other Barnet UNISON Branch reports
Task and Finish Group Review: Your Choice Barnet, September
UNISON response to TBG Flex Reward Strategy, May
UNISON report on the results of our Family Services Survey 2018