Investigators Handbook

A guide to investigating companies, organisations, government and individuals. The Handbook is a unique and practical guide to investigating companies, PFI and partnership projects, public bodies and quangos, developers and contractors, central and local government and international organisations and policies. The Handbook will be of use to local authorities, public bodies, organisations, community groups, journalists, students, and trade unions. It tells you what information is available and how to get it from more than 1500 sources on the world wide web, local libraries and public and private publications.

It also has sections on how to find out about policies, projects and initiatives in health, education, housing, regeneration, criminal justice, roads and transport, utilities, the environment and waste management and a section on investigating internationally. The Investigator’s Handbook was originally published in 1975 as part of Community Action magazine and sold more than 8000 copies. Now OUT OF PRINT