PPP Briefing: Strategic Service-delivery Partnerships and Outsourced Shared Services Projects

This 20-page Briefing, commissioned by Northumberland, Durham and Northamptonshire UNISON branches, is a summary for elected members, staff and service users of the current evidence against SSPs and outsourcing of shared services projects. It covers finance, savings and investment; accountability and transparency of JVCs; performance; risks levels; employment and job creation; and in-house capability to transform services.

Leisure Trusts Briefing

A summary of the case against the formation of Leisure Trusts. It examines the performance of leisure trusts, access to capital and savings, social enterprise and community ownership, service integration, the effect on jobs, service improvement, community participation, democratic accountability and increased risks.

Policy Context of Regeneration in Newcastle

A revised edition of this discussion paper for the West End Community Development Consortium is available. It includes sections on the national policy framework, the government’s development strategies, community participation and the role of the community & voluntary sector in service provision, lessons learnt and best practice, and community participation.