CPS to Review Options on Age Equality

The Centre has been commissioned by the Crime and Society Foundation, a project of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, School of Law, King’s College London to undertake a literature review on the marketisation of public services and the implications of the National Offender Management System (NOMS).

The research will focus on the different existing mechanisms in place, particularly the different requirements placed on the Scottish Executive, National Assembly for Wales, the Greater London Authority and the provisions of Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act.

The research will seek to learn from the experience and views of individuals within these organisations, other policy making bodies, academia and other stakeholder organisations to consider and evaluate options for promoting Age Equality. Specifically these will focus on the following issues:

The merits of statutory/non-statutory regulation.
The merits of general and specific duties in relation to equality, diversity and society the efficiency and equity of public services, the responsiveness of services to citizens and the operation of local/regional labour markets.
The merits of different support/enforcement mechanisms.
The advantages and disadvantages of including age equality duties within wider duties regarding equality between all people, and potential safeguards to ensure appropriate prominence for age.
The purpose of the research will be to contribute to the evolving debate around the operation of a Commission for Equality and Human Rights in the more immediate context of the 2005 general election.