CPS helps to retain in-house services in Manchester

CPS assisted GMPTE and UNISON to develop an in-house alternative to outsourcing and privatisation, saving jobs in the process. (6/01/2004). With help from CPS the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE) UNISON branch has persuaded the Executive not to outsource IT services. A Best Value review in 2001 found that the IT department of the GMPTE, needed substantial improvement. An ‘executive partnership’ and outsourcing were on the agenda and the local UNISON branch protested, campaigning widely on the need for an alternative option. They commissioned a report from the Centre for Public Services on the alternatives to outsourcing.

Subsequently GMPTE has taken the decision to substantially increase the IT budget and give temporary staff permanent employment. It also commits management to provide a ‘strategic and long term vision’ for the service. Branch Chairman Tony Wilson said: “This has not only been a resounding success, it’s also reassured our members who fatalistically said the Best Value process would inevitably lead to more privatisation.”