PPP/PFI Profits

Excessive profits obtained by PPP companies and banks is again in the news. The first evidence on the scale of excessive PFI profits and the growth the secondary market was detailed in Global Auction of Public Assets by Dexter Whitfield and followed by a more detailed research in The £10bn Sale of Shares in PPP Companies: New source of profits for builders and banks, ESSU Research Paper No. 4, by Dexter Whitfield in January 2011. This details the news coverage and links to reports.

PFI firms should be forced to share excessive profits with councils and health trusts Daily Telegraph, 2 May 2012.

PAC slams ‘excessively high’ private returns on some PFI projects Public Finance, 2 May 2012.

Call for ‘radical’ change of policy on PFI Financial Times, 2 May 2012.

Call for radical rethink of PFI The Independent, 2 May 2012.

The current model of PFI is unsustainable, says PAC New Statesman, 3 May 2012.

MPs lay boot into PFI again The Construction Index, 3 May 2012.

Written evidence was submitted to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee and the Treasury Committee in June 2011. Following these two reports the National Audit Office addressed some of the key issues in Equity investment in privately financed projects, February 2012. A second PAC on PFI equity was published by the PAC on May 1 2012.