Celebrating 50 years of SCAT, CPS and ESSU

1 June 1973 – 2023
We have produced a concise summary of the strategies, alternatives and support to tenants and resident’s groups, community campaigns, trade unions and public sector organisations taking action to improve the public infrastructure and public services. The report covers:

  • Objectives, working practices and funding
  • Major challenges and projects
  • Significant changes in the political economy since 1973
  • Opposition to the sale or transfer of Council Housing to tenants, housing associations or arms-length companies
  • Action to retain and improve public services
  • Equal Opportunity impacts
  • North West Regional analysis
  • Health and Social Care Economies
  • Public policy best practice
  • New Labour’s failed PPP Strategic Partnerships for services
  • Critical analysis of Public Private Partnerships for public infrastructure
  • Public transport
  • Public Service Action
  • International projects
  • Website – high level of users and document downloads
  • SCAT, CPS and ESSU staff
  • Organisations we have worked with



New Book: Challenging the rise of Corporate Power in Renewable Energy

by Dexter Whitfield, adds new dimensions to the climate crisis.

It is an exposé of corporate domination of the renewable energy sector based on an analysis of the global trade buying and selling onshore/offshore wind farms, solar parks, battery storage and other projects. It includes strategies for a democratic public future for renewable energy, protection of the built environment, nature and biodiversity.

Contents – Crisis and opportunities – Corporate domination – Trading renewable energy assets – Tax havens and market interventions – Public ownership and public values – Wide use of PPPs for renewable energy projects in emerging economies – The commodification and marketisation of nature and biodiversity – Equalities economic, social and environmental justice – Economic and industrial strategies – Strategic opportunities.

The book details strategic opportunities for public ownership and industrial and economic development with the decarbonisation of manufacturing, construction and public transport; retrofitting of housing, public buildings and business premises; adaptation and environmental protection;

Paperback £18.00, ePub £10.00 available from Spokesman Books – https://spokesmanbooks.org/

Further information:

Books and articles by Dexter Whitfield

Public Ownership and Provision which includes access to the ESSU Global Renewable Energy Secondary Market Database 2019-2021, 3 additional Tables and a Glossary of Renewable Energy terms.