NHS Trust: goes for Best Value

CPS worked with the Pinderfields and Pontefract NHS Trust management and the UNISON branch to develop a new approach to non-clinical services. Following a successful public campaign to defer a decision to market test the services, the Centre drafted a paper which was agreed by the Joint Review group of managers and union representatives. It recommended adoption of Best value principles, a set of standards, joint working on reviews and a rigorous performance management framework. The Trust also agreed to return a contract with Initial to in-house provision with an a programme of service improvements across all non-clinical services.

Birmingham’s residential care

A new study from the Centre for Public Services. Residents Action Group for the Elderly (RAGE) and commissioned by UNISON. It reports on a major survey of users, families on staff on the options for care in the city and makes a series of recommendations. Equity implications are assessed along with the social and economic impact of transfer. User rights under Best Value and the Human Rights Act 1998 are presented in detail. (2000)