Public Service Action: An Anti-Privatisation Newsletter for the Labour Movement

Fifty-six issues were produced between 1983-1997 contained news, analysis and information focusing on key issues and developments in the public and recently privatised sectors. Each 16-page issue reported on contract failures, campaigns and industrial action, company information, research, policy and legislative changes with a print run of 10,000 copies. Sample of five issues:

Public Service Action No 55 and 56: Rebuikding the welfare state – Equal Pay Wins – MoD head for privatisation binge – New deals, profits and taxpayer losses – Heavy toll on jobs – PFI Consortia: who’s who – PFI the big lie – Who benefits from CCT – Critical eye on agency model – Rail carve-up for private firms

Public Service Action No 54 1996: Royal Mail Sale?- Benefit contracts – MoD Homes sell-off – Women secure big discrimination pay-outs – Fall-out spreads over nuclear sale – Labour takes the consensus route – PFI: USA style – PFI: showpiece or shambles – Poverty on the increase – CCT Pressure increases – Contractor update

Public Service Action No 52 1995: PFI boost for private services – Demands to curb bus wars – Too little too late from the budget – Tenants lobby MPs – Union campaign against Pall Mall – Externalisation stopped – DSO sell-offs – Catering contractors – Private contractors who’s who – EOC calls for suspension of CCT in Northern Ireland – New CCT rules

Public Service Action No 44 February 1991: Waste deal – Alternative Care Plan – Business as usual – Power sell-off – A revitalised British Rail – NHS: Opting and contracting out – Transfer market – Contract analysis

Public Service Action No 36 July 1988: Visible hand- DHSS danger warning – Privatised management – Private in-roads – Testing the market – Profit samples: private pathology – Mis-use of units costs and rates – At their leisure – Cashing the Giro – End of the Road – National Bus Company – We are not for sale

Public Service Action No 5 Nov/Dec 1983: Cleaning firm exposed – BT: the fight goes on – Westminster: forging links – Training profits – Special supplement: Facts and fantasies: Buying shares in privatised public assets – Private power – NHS: action build-up